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You need an attorney because working through any legal matter can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience if you have never been through it before.

As licensed Tennessee attorneys, we have the legal resources to guide you through the system. We provide strong representation for hard-hitting criminal cases, high-profile sensitive issues, and personal, family matters, when your life and future are at stake.

With every case, our goal is to resolve the matter in the most beneficial way for our clients. We take the time to learn every aspect of the issues and law that your case is based on, and we take the time to help you understand the legal issues and explain your legal options.

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Entertainment Law

Entertainment law generally encompasses industries involving motion pictures, television, music, publishing, and theatre. Ashley Jackson will be glad to help you in this area of expertise.

Also offering Sports Law:
Professional athletes are bound to contracts for their services just as any other employee who enters into a contract with their employer.

It is essential that both parties understand the terms and conditions of their agreement. This ensures both parties perform accordingly and have a good working relationship.

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