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Child Custody

Child Custody

Child custody laws were enacted to protect minor children and their custodial parent or guardian.

Tennessee has many resources for information concerning custody, relocation, visitation, support and parenting plans, when you need help. If you need legal representation, you will also have all of our resources available for you when making decisions concerning the well-being of your children.

Custody and Visitation

Custody and visitation proceedings can be very emotional and contentious matters.

Both parents clearly want what is best for the children but their views on what is best often tend to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. The court's concern in these matters lies with the best interests of the children. The rights of the parents, however, must also be considered.

Be sure you have a skilled child custody lawyer who will seek a solution that works for everyone.

Many factors need to be considered concerning custodial rights and having an experienced attorney on your side can go a long way toward ensuring that you continue to have a meaningful relationship with your child after the divorce has been finalized.

Parenting Plans

Tennessee uses parenting plans to define each parent's responsibility and authority with regard to the child's care.

These plans cover a variety of issues, including the designation of the primary residential parent, parenting time or visitation for the non-custodial parent and each parent's decision-making authority.

We also represent clients in a variety of other issues surrounding child custody. We have experience handling unfit parent claims, grandparent's rights and modification requests. If your work schedule changes which makes it impossible for you to honor the original visitation schedule, or if you are transferred and need to move away, we can help you seek a modification to the custody agreement to terms that better fit your circumstances and abide by the child custody laws.