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If you are accused of a crime and need a criminal defense attorney who devotes his practice to criminal defense and wins, call Joe Brandon.

Time is a critical element when you are being charged with a serious crime, your criminal defense attorney will need to gather evidence, testimony, and other facts as soon as possible, ensuring that the evidence remains intact and testimony is fresh on witnesses' minds. Being on top of the situation will have more impact when you go to court and will increase your chances of winning your case.

High Profile Cases

Joe has been involved in a number of high profile cases in the Middle Tennessee area as a criminal defense attorney.

Serious legal problems call for strong representation from a criminal defense attorney who cares as much about the outcome of your case as you do. You can count on me to utilize every legal resource at my disposal in an effort to obtain a positive result in your case.

I have represented clients facing charges for some of Tennessee's most serious drug crimes, murder charges, assault, and other violent crimes.

What is the distinction between a felony and a misdemeanor?

A felony is a criminal offense punishable by one (1) year or more. Felonies range from Class A to Class E, with Class A, being the most severe. A misdemeanor is defined as a criminal offense being punishable by eleven (11) months and twenty-nine (29) days or less. Misdemeanors range from a Class A to a Class C.

Trial or Plea

What is a preliminary hearing?

A preliminary hearing is a hearing, which occurs in General Sessions Court. At this hearing, the accused does not testify. The government has the burden of proof. The government must establish probable cause that a crime was committed, that the accused probably committed it, and that the crime occurred in the county in where the case is being heard. In the event that there is a chance your case could be a jury trial, it is imperative to engage in a preliminary hearing. The reasoning is the “said hearing” is recorded by the Court. The government’s witnesses are under oath and must testify as to the charges against the accused. Many times this is the only opportunity that an accused has to “lock” the witnesses into a particular set of facts.

When you hire me, I will take the time to learn everything I can about the circumstances of the incident. As your criminal defense attorney, I will build the strongest possible defense on your behalf and work to ensure that your side of the story is heard by the court.